In Fall 2003, America Online (AOL) discharged its ridicule new AOL Version 9. (Have you noticed all the TV ads?) AOL estimates that up to 50% of their users were exploitation the new newspaper by the end of December 2003.

The biggest new element beside AOL 9 is its self-asserting blueprint of reducing unsought email (sp^m) for its users. Basically, AOL wishes users to customise their own inboxes and outlook or have simply the messages that they pick out.

While the quelling is a upper-class endeavor, it puts true electronic communication publishers in the crossfire - inhabitants like us who have worked concrete to assure that one and all on our catalogue has opted-in and specified us consent to interaction them frequently.

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To fashion certain that your AOL subscribers are unloading YOUR e-mails, present are a few belongings you should cognise.

  1. All Your Graphics Are Blocked by Default

    AOL has interpreted the forceful gauge of blocking all graphics from being displayed in HTML e-mails, as recovered as deactivating the links for any new messages dispatched to an AOL 9 inbox. The set of contacts is likewise designed to "learn" what messages are repetitively noticeable as sp^m, and they will eventually be dispatched to the second-hand goods book automatically, former it maps the user's behaviour.

    When an e-mail is received in AOL 9, users have to clink a knit at the top of each statement to scene any artwork inside your electronic mail ("Show Images & Enable Links"). If this act is not taken, imagery (e.g. pictures, word) and links will not be displayed or enabled.

  2. Your Open Rates Are Likely Affected

    If your email commercial enterprise complex uses "open tracking" to number how numerous culture embark on your e-mails, you will start on seeing demean book of numbers because the new AOL 9 as well blocks approachable chase tools by defaulting. (Read on to revise how to restore your results.)

  3. Ask Your Subs to Add You To Their Address Book

    At the top of respectively issue you send, cue those AOL clan to put you in their AOL code scrap book. For example, "AOL 9 users: Please add to your address wedding album so you'll be convinced to receive both content of our e-zine".

    Once a individual puts you in her address book, all your rising e-mails will automatically put on show imagery and execution golf links. This will also let the email to be tracked decently as "opened" on your end.

  4. Make Sure Your FROM Address is Consistent

    This shouldn't be a difficulty unless your account restaurant attendant/e-mail commercial enterprise system generates a contrary FROM computer code next to each electronic communication you send. For example, today I got an cause of an e-zine with this FROM address: . But when I looked at the LAST cause of the self e-zine two weeks ago, the instrument computer code had a number of distinct numbers in at hand.

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    This is BAD, because even if the AOL individual adds you to her code book, all distribute you send will be categorised as from a new sender. By having a invariable FROM address, you'll permit your AOL 9 subscribers to add your email address into their code book, and all coming e-mails you dispatch will be easy acceptable and half-tracked.

    NOTE: There is a discrepancy relating your very FROM code and what both nickname the "from LABEL". My e-zine's effective FROM computer address is , but it's labelled as from "E-zine Queen".

    If you use Outlook or Eudora, you cognize what I penny-pinching. In your inbox list, you see all the from LABELS and not the effective electronic mail addresses.

    AOL does NOT indicate its users your from label, it solely shows your honest FROM computer address. You can in the main admittance and variation these settings in your electronic mail commercial enterprise system of rules. If you're not assured how to do this, address beside your trader.

  5. Bottom Line: Never Rely on Images to Convey Your Message

    You can be certain that not all your AOL users will hassle to put you in their address book, or realize how graceful it is to do.

    So here's the bottommost line: Have fun near art and similes in your HTML e-zine, but ne'er bank on them to get your phone call across. Once all distribute is completed and organized to send, stare at it and sham all the artwork are away. Can your readers increasingly right away make out it's a publication? Do they see it's from you? Is it transparent to them this is what they autographed up for? If not, be certain to add article at the top to engender belongings crystal absolve.

    I as well suggest that if you don't have AOL yourself, get an testimony and put that e-mail code on your champion listing. This will allow you to see how the new AOL 9 complex and how your e-zine appears.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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