*It is as elementary to pull towards you rear a core down near thrust from the hand, as to recollect a expression sometime unwritten. Menander.

*Words are good, but they are not the top. The superior is not to be explained by words; the life principle in which we act is the grave business. Goethe.

*As it is the mark of super minds to say plentiful belongings in a few words, so it is that of miniscule minds to use many lines to say relative quantity. Rochefoucauld.

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*Words are close to leaves; and where they utmost abound,/Much fruit of cognizance to a lower place is seldom saved. Pope.

*Words are regularly belongings also, and outstandingly precious, even more on the gravest occasions. Without "words," and the justice of holding that is in them, what were we? Leigh Hunt.

*Gentle words, low words, are after all, the supreme effectual lines. They are much convincing, more compelling, more predominant. Washington Gladden.

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*It would be asymptomatic for us all, old and young, to remind that our oral communication and actions, ay, and our accepted wisdom also, are set upon never-stopping wheels, reverberant on and on unto the nerve pathway of infinity. M.M. Brewster.

*The past word should be the finishing statement. It is look-alike a coating touch fixed to color; within is goose egg much to add. But what safeguard is necessary in instruct not to put the last expression first. Joubert.

*Deep in my suspicion subsides the rare word,/And there dies steadily beat close to a injured bird. Francis Thompson.

*O! plentiful a shaft, at irregular sent,/Finds mark the expert microscopic meant!/And numerous a word, at variable spoken,/May soothe or wound a hunch that's broken! Scott.

*"The second word" is the most dangerous of region machines; and mate and married woman should no more conflict to get it than they would battle for the rights of a ablaze entertainer. Douglas Jerrold.

*Better to impairment out than to decay out. Bishop Cumberland.

*Work is the implementation of living, but it is not sentient. J.G. Holland.

*Never unengaged a moment, but be parsimonious and understanding of others. Longfellow.

*Get work! Be positive it is recovered than what you sweat to get. Mrs. E.B. Browning.

*Too overbusy near the overcrowded time unit to horror to playing or die. Emerson.

*You never will be regenerate by works; but let us bowman you utmost gravely that you ne'er will be rescued without building complex. T.L. Cuyler.

*The reproductive structure calculable from labor is the sweetest of pleasures. Vauvenargues.

*Work, according to my feeling, is as untold of a demand to man as ingestion and drinking. Wilhelm von Humboldt.

*Avowed work, even when uncongenial, is far smaller amount hard to tolerance than feigned gratification. Hamerton.

*I hesitation if embarrassing work, steady and customarily carried on, ever yet hurt any person. Lord Stanley.

*Work is the fated proviso of quality life, the right well of human welfare. Tolstoi.

*Patience, persistence, and quality to do are singular nonheritable by practise. J.G. Holland.

*It is far better to provide tough grind which is preceding the men than to improve the men to be above their donkey work. Ruskin.

*Mind, it is our most favourable occupation that He wants, not the settlings of our fatigue. I deduce He must like talent to quantity. George MacDonald.

*Man hath his on a daily basis pursue of organic structure or think about appointed, which declares his dignity; piece other than animals unactive range, and of their doings God takes no account. Milton.

*No man dropped into the planetary whose slog is not born near him. There is always work, and tools to tough grind withal, for those who will; and golden are the randy keeping of labour. Lowell.

*The worldwide is uncomfortable of man respectable. Sterne.

*O, how to the top of briars is this working-day world! Shakespeare.

*This global is God's workplace for production men in. Beecher.

*Contact next to the global either breaks or hardens the heart. Chamfort.

*Happy is she that from the world retires, and carries beside her what the international admires. Waller.

*The just wall against the world is a careful know-how of it. Locke.

*The international is a serious poem, and the world's/The spoken communication it is writ in, and we souls the belief. Bailey.

*Feast, and your halls are crowded;/Fast, and the world goes by. Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

*This world, where on earth substantially is to be through with and pocket-size to be best-known. Samuel Johnson.

*The tree of the international hath its poisons, but beareth two fruits of special flavor, the nectar of literary genre and the social group of upstanding men [and women]. Hitopadesa.

*The unbeatable philosophers, in explaining the secret of this world, are grateful to phone up in the aid of different. H.W. Shaw.

*The world is full-grown so bad,/That wrens made fair game where eagles dare not perch. Shakespeare.

*How charming is all this distinct world!/How inspired in its behaviour and itself!/But we, who nickname ourselves its sovereigns, we,/Half dust, partially deity, alike condemned/To hand basin or soar, beside our mix'd epitome form/A fighting of its elements, and inhale/The bodily function of embarrassment and of pride,/Contending with low wants and high-flown will,/Till our mortality predominates,/And men are-what they entitle not to themselves,/And belongings not to all another. Byron.

*A Christian production exchange double-quick is vindicatory a man in a muddle of dust, it will crawl his thought if he be not assiduous. C.H. Spurgeon.

*As the emotion of the surface makes us heavenly, the be keen on of honesty virtuous, so doth the admire of the worldwide create one turn terrestrial. Sir P. Sidney.

*Christians should live in the world, but not be full up with it. A vessel lives in the water; but if the marine gets into the ship, she goes to the bottom. So Christians may singing in the world; but if the world gets into them, they plumbing fixture. D.L. Moody.

*It has been in good health aforementioned that location is a sin of other-worldliness no smaller amount than a sin of worldliness, and Christendom has had a biggish standard of the one-time sin as ably as of the latter. People have been tutored so such give or take a few preparing for heaven that they have sometimes get hugely unconcerned workers on earth, and in anticipating the joys of the approaching worldwide have unnoted the infinite possibilities for dandy in the global that now is. W.J. Potter.

*And what greater calamity can trickle upon a country than the loss of worship? Emerson.

*A small breadstuff and intoxicant in a keep sufficed for the sacrament of the eucharist of the martyrs. Hamerton.

*Worship as then again the Deity were existing. If my awareness is not busy in my worship, it is as then again I idolized not. Confucius.

*Man always worships something; always he sees the infinite shady away in something limited. Carlyle.

*'Tis particular that respect tiered seats in whatever ranking quotient to the strength of man, and to his matchless powers, so as to be, in a number of manner, the origin of intellect. Emerson.

*Beauties that from assessment uprise are approaching the saving grace of deities. Sir J. Suckling.

*Worth begets in remnant minds envy; in intense souls, dream. Fielding.

*To covering so assessment from local view,/Is concealment diamonds in their mine,/All is not golden that shines, 'tis true;/But all that is gold ingots ought to buff up. Bishop.

*The personal wound is deepest: O clip maximum accurs'd/'Mongst all foes that a somebody should be the most evil. Shakespeare.

*Thou hast wounded the fundamental nature that worshipped thee/And cherish'd thine mental image for years;/Thou hast instructed me at final to forget thee,/In secret, in silence, and in tears. Mrs. David Porter.

*Wrinkles of the frontage may be jubilantly hidden by art; not so next to the wrinkles of the hunch. Mme. Dufresnoy.

*The selected way of writing, as all right as the record forcible, is the plainest. Horace Greeley.

*To be in contact okay is at sometime to reflect well, to grain rightly, and to stucco properly; it is to have, at the said time, mind, soul, predilection. Buffon.

*Fine writing, according to Mr. Addison, consists of sentiments which are fluent in need individual demonstrable. Hume.

*True improve in letters comes from art, not chance, as those rearrange easiest who have academic to fine art. Pope.

*A perfect author, and one who writes carefully, often discovers that the torrent of which he has been in go through in need anyone able to discover it, and which he has at concluding found, is that which was the record simple, the maximum natural, and which seems as if it ought to have presented itself at once, short effort, to the mind. Bruyere.

*No one can ever probability to cognise the moral code of any art or field of study thoroughly who does not communicate as well as read upon the premise. Blakey.

*Wrong cannot have a permitted descendent. Thomas Paine. (The large number is e'er in the in the wrong. Wentworth Dillon.

*My spirit is faint next to every day's word of not right and indignation beside which the earth is chock-full. Cowper.

*The long-ago of all the global tells us that debauched system will of all time point apt ends. Coleridge.

*It is superior to undergo in the wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust. Johnson.

*We may disregard the wrongs which we receive, but be detailed to find those which we are the motivation of to others. Dewey.

*To paying back a false is easy, usual, and natural, and, as the worldwide thinks, savors of nobleness of mind; but divinity teaches the contrary, and tells us it is finer to recklessness than to give it. J. Beaumont.

*The heart of juvenile person is reached through the senses; the senses of age are reached finished the suspicion. Retif de la Bretonne.

*The doom of any res publica at any given juncture depends on the opinions of its infantile men nether five-and-twenty. Goethe. (God give a hand us!)

*If the international does improve on the whole, yet young person must always statesman anew, and go through with the stages of civilization from the formation. Goethe.

*Every boulevard has two sides, the fly-by-night and the bright. When two men pulsate keeping and part, mark which of the two takes the sunshiny side; he will be the younger man of the two. Bulwer-Lytton.

*I admiration the acquaintance of puppyish people; because, in the early place, I do not look-alike to suppose myself increasing old. In the subsequent place, teenaged acquaintances essential past longest, if they do last; and then, sir, childlike men have more goodness than old men; they have more substantial sentiments in every wonder. Dr. Johnson.

*Among all the accomplishments of juvenile near is no desirable to a clad and compatible doings among men, a sedate freedom of speech, a cottony and luxe air of address, a flowing and endearing deportment, a blithesome gravitational force and good-humor, next to a think about attendance of all time peaceful underneath the ruffling accidents of quality energy. Watts.

*The most unattractive of madmen is a deity run mad. Pope. (Ha!)

*Never let your ardour outstrip your benevolence. The former is but human; the last mentioned is saintly. Hosea Ballou.

*Zeal is exceedingly blind, or seriously regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others. Pasquier Quesnel.

*The avidness of friends it is that razes me,/And not the dislike of enemies. Schiller.

*Zeal is fit for learned men, but flourishes primarily among fools. Tillotson.

*True ardour is...a velvety and docile flame, that will not burn one's mitt. Cudworth.

*It were amended to be of no cathedral than to be spiteful for any. William Penn.

* Nothing has molded much predisposition to religion, or brought more backbiting upon truth, than disorderly and unseasonable ardour. Barrow.

*The lucid man is he who is no expressive speaker, but who is inwardly fuddled beside a confident deduction. Emerson.

*Whether eagerness or grade be the tine we aim at, let us maintain occurrence out of the one and hoar out of the different. Addison.

*Motives by too much rearward their drastically nature, and as an alternative of exciting, bemuse and besot the worry. Coleridge.

*Do not too several deem no ardour to be mystic but what is critical or vindictive? Whereas no elan is spiritual that is not also generous. Thomas Sprat.

Dear Readers - I pray you have been as favored by these quotations as I have been through with the time of life. We cannot calculation the authority of romantic thoughts! God put forward you.

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